(Closed) Monzen-Nakacho : Good-bye Dilani’s Sri Lankan curry (ディラーニさんのスリランカカレー)

Appearance, Dilani-san no Sri Lankan Curry (Monzen-nakacho) Tokyo
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Notice : Dilani’s Sri Lankan Curry quit her business and went back to Sri Lanka. (May, 2014)
Salon de perignon (Patisserie Cafe Oeuflait) quit their business (April, 2016)

Maybe this will be the last Dilani-san for me…

I heard that “Dilani’s Sri Lankan curry” is going to quit her business the end of this month and I wanted to go there once more at the end.
So I went to there with my friend in the snow.
She will go back to Sri Lanka.

Appearance, Dilani-san no Sri Lankan Curry (Monzen-nakacho)


This was the third time to eat at Dilani’s Sri Lankan curry. But I had eaten mushrooms curry and chicken curry only.

(Closed) Monzen-nakacho : Dilani-san's curry (ディラーニさんのスリランカカレー)
Notice : Dilani's Sri Lankan Curry quit her business and went back to Sri Lanka. (May, 2014) Dilani-san's curry i...

I wanted to eat another curry !!

I was a little worried about my curry because I couldn’t know it until going to there.

That day was a national holiday, so the restaurant was full with reservations only.

Reservation only, Dilani-san no Sri Lankan curry (Monzen-nakacho)


Dilani-san prepare only one dish (800 yen) as usual.

The soup curry was … PORK !!! Pork curry !!! Not chicken !

Pork curry, Dilani-san no Sri Pork soup Curry (Monzen-nakacho)


What I had wanted to eat most was fish curry, but well, it’s OK. I choiced my soup curry spicy without hesitation 😛
Nevertheless my throat hurt because I took so much spicy foods !

I took curry and rice on the buffet table, and dished up with this soup curry.

Dish up, Dilani-san no Sri Lankan curry (Monzen-nakacho)


I don’t like dishing up by myself. I can’t do it well:P

I also brought my salads.

Salads, Dilani-san no Sri Lankan curry (Monzen-nakacho)



Carrot curry, Dilani-san no Sri Lankan Curry (Monzen-nakacho)


This carrot curry was extremely spicy !

As you see, it had much slices of chili pepper !!!!
I mixed them altogether, still it was hot ! But so tasty !

Umm. I feel sad thinking about the fact that I will lose my favorite curry shop.

Drinks after our meals. Mine was ginger milk tea (+100 yen). It was really tasty.

Mango juice and ginger milk tea, Dilani-san no Sri Lankan Curry (Monzen-nakacho)


After that, we went toward FRUTAS nearby to eat fruits parfait. But we found it had some people waiting in front of the shop.

So, we gave up eating parfait and went into the cake shop. This cake shop have eating space.
Salon de Perignon

Appearance, Salon de Perignon (Monzen-Nakacho)


We were three , and choiced four cakes. Heart-shaped chocolate mousse was valentine-limited chocolate mousse. So cute.
Not only for those looking, those were so tasty.

Cakes, Salon de Perignon (Monzen-nakacho)


About Dilani’s Sri Lankan curry (ディラーニさんのスリランカカレー)

Address / Monzen Bldg. 1F, 1-5-11 Tomioka, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Station / Monzen-nakacho station (Tokyo metro, Toei subway)
Open / 11:30 – 14:30
Closed / Saturdays, Sundays
Website / http://srilankacurry.web.fc2.com/(in Japanese only)


About Salon de Perignon (サロン・ド・ペリニィヨン)

Address / 1-13-11 Tomioka, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Station / Monzen-nakacho station (Toei subway, Tokyo metro)
Open / 10:00 – 21:00
Closed / No scheduled
Website / http://dompierre.jp/salon/(in Japanese only)



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