Too hot for me ! (Ginza)

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I ate curry and rice at Delhi, Ginza.

Well,,,, its color doesn’t seem foods 🙁
It seems inferno. It seems really hot.

Kashmir curry (950 yen)

It was so hot that I thought I get out the restaurant after I ate only one bite 🙁
It had watery texture.
But chickens in it were soft and juicy. Good 😀

While eating it, ” I will never eat such a curry as hot as death again !”, I thought.
But now I want to eat it again. Its spice took me captive 😀

I walked to the main street after eating and I found R25Cafe.

Still “Takarasagashi Shellky” 宝さがしシェルキー(580yen)was so cute.
Don’t you think it’s so lovely ? 😀
It is a cat that named “NYARAN (にゃらん)”

It is Real Nyaran 🙂

Recruit Co.Ltd runs R25 Cafe for advertizing their company and magazines.

Its appearance is striking 😛


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