Keisei-Nakayama : Various Chinese foods at Cyujitsudo

Fried ayu with spice, Cyujitsudo (Nakayama) Chiba
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Tasty Chinese foods are in front of a local station

I had a dinner at Chinese foods restaurant that stands in the front of Keisei-Nakayama station.
I take Keisei train from Motoyawata to Keisei-Okubo on workdays and I see the restaurant from the window in the train everytime.
I wanted to go there someday. Finally I could go to there.


Appearance, Cyujitsudo (Nakayama)


There is also Hokekyoji Temple that is famous for its cherry blossoms near Keisei-Nakayama station. I got off at the station several times to see cherry blossoms.

“忠実” means “faithfulness”.
The restaurant is just in front of the station as you see !

Interior, Cyujitsudo (Nakayama)


The waitress are all elderly women. It had slowly, and relaxing atmosphere in the restaurant.

Chopsticks envelop was written vertically.

Chopsticks, Cyujitsudo (Nakayama)


I say in advance, whatever dishes we ordered, we were impressed !

Scallops steamed with XO sauce (帆立のXO醤蒸し) 530 yen

Scallops steamed with XO sauce, Cyujitsudo (Nakayama)


This sauce was rich !

Jellyfish dressed with spicy sauce (クラゲのピリ辛あえ) 790 yen

Jellyfish, Cyujitsudo (Nakayama)


Crunchy texture and taste of sesami oil was good 🙂

Mapo tofu (麻婆豆腐) 800 yen

Mapo dofu, Cyujitsudo (Nakayama)


The mapo tofu is excellent ! It was enough hot for me. It had Sichuan pepper and it was spicy, but it had also sweetness of minced meat. It was awesome.
I like the degree of hotness.

Deep fried ayu with spice (鮎のスパイス炒め) 980 yen

Fried ayu with spice, Cyujitsudo (Nakayama)


Those spices on the ayu was very good. I felt like eating with rice 😛 Sooo tasty.
We also eat “Fried chickens with spice” (I couldn’t take the picture well), and those two dishes had same seasonings 😛
This ayu one is limited to this summer season.

Asari cram soba dressed with sauce (海老湯葉巻きの葱生姜蒸し) 530 yen

Deep fried raw yuba, Cyujitsudo (Nakayama)


The sauce was creamy, and it was pipping hot !

And we ordered two noodles dishes. Both of that had asari crams. One had soup, and another didn’t have.

Asari cram soba dressed with sauce (あさりのあえそば) 850 yen

Asari cram ae-soba, Cyujitsudo (Nakayama)


Asari cram soba simmered in broth (あさりの煮込みそば) 850 yen

Asari cram soba, Cyujitsudo (Nakayama)


Both of that had plenty of asari cram taste !  The former was thick butter taste, the later’s soup was like diluted the former’s sauce by adding chickens soup.  Wooow ! Those were tasty !

It was hard for me not to get off at the station on my way to home since I knew the taste !
But I want to go there again before long 😀

By the window, Cyujitsudo (Nakayama)


About Cyujitsudo(忠実堂)

Address / 1-15-23 Moto-Nakayama, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Station / Keisei-Nakayama station (Keisei main line)
Open / from 11:30 to 22:00
Closed / Wednesdays



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