Inage : Limited miso flavored oysters curry at Shiba

Strawberry kulfi, Curry restaurant Shiba (Inage) Chiba
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Long-established curry restaurant in Chiba.

My friend took me to a Indian cuisine restaurant that is named Curry restaurant Shiba.
The restaurant stands near Inage Station, Chiba.
Speaking of Inage, I spent my hight school days there 🙂
I had known the existence of the restaurant. The restaurant have been so famous since my high school days, but I hadn’t been to there because I couldn’t find where it stands.

I think it is great that the restaurant maintains its popularity such a long time.

Appearance, Curry restaurant Shiba (Inage)


Rasam (ラッサム) 400 yen

Rasam, Curry restaurant Shiba (Inage)


Tomato-taste was good. And it had also much spices !

Hot goya salads(ゴーヤのホットサラダ) 500 yen
Those goya was bitter 😛

Hot goya salads, Curry restaurant Shiba (Inage)


Miso flavored oysters curry set (牡蠣味噌カレーセット) 1690 yen
Sooooo creamy and tasty.
Though you can’t see, but there were some big, tasty oysters in it.
Truthfully speaking, I didn’t want to eat the curry at first, because I didn’t think miso goes with curry well. As you see, it is not the color of curry 😛
But it is awesome 😀

Oyster miso curry, Curry restaurant Shiba (Inage)


Curry flavored hot salad (included in a miso flavored oysters curry set.)

Salads, Curry restaurant Shiba (Inage)


Chicken curry(チキンカレー, 650 yen) and mutton curry (マトンカレー, 750 yen)
Mutton curry was so hot that I couldn’t taste the chicken curry at all 😛
Those curry had much pieces of meat in them.

Curries, Curry restaurant Shiba (Inage)

マトンが辛すぎて、チキンの味がわからんかった(ノ∀`) どっちも肉がいっぱい入ってました!

Still, I could taste miso flavored oysters curry.

After the meal, it was a time for dessert.

Chai (チャイ) 200 yen

Chai, Curry restaurant Shiba (Inage)


Kulfi (クルフィ) 350 yen
Indian ice cream. It was so creamy and tasty 😀

Kulfi, Curry restaurant Shiba (Inage)


Strawberry flavored kulfi (いちごのクルフィ) 600 yen

Strawberry kulfi, Curry restaurant Shiba (Inage)


It was not on menus, but the waitress asked us, “plain ? or strawberry ?”
We said we want both !

Dahi with plunes (プルーンダヒ) 250 yen

Dahi with plunes, Curry restaurant Shiba (Inage)


Its tasted sour. Yogurt’s sourness.

Those sweet foods were good, too.
I regretted that I hadn’t been to the restaurant until then.
But I also think that it is good for me not to know the taste of those dishes when I was a poor student 😛

About Curry Restaurant Shiba (カレーレストラン シバ)

Address / mf Building. 1st floor, 3-19-16 Inage-Higashi, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
Station / Inage station (JR)
Open / from 11:30 to 15:00, 17:00 to 21:00
Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays / from 11:00 to 15:00, 17:00 to 21:00
Closed / No scheduled (Sometime on Wednesdays)
Website / Japanese only)



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