This isn’t good looking, but tough

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My coffee maker before was very cool looking, I loved it.
But it was glassware and I broke it in half a year that I had bought 🙁

So, I thought, “I don’t care appearance. I want a very very tough one !!!!”
And I bought it.

It doesn’t have good looking 🙁
Ummm, business looking,,,,

I told myself, “It is made of stainless steel, so coffee in the pot doesn’t become tepid.It is good:(”

But , thanks to its tough characteristic, when the earthquake of 11 March, it turned over on the floor.
Of course it had no damage.

After the earthquake, I managed to like it. But I want to screen it while I don’t use it.
So I try to cover it by furoshiki.

Well, it is not good, too.


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