Osaka 2015 (1/12) : Trip for Osaka foods !

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From Narita to Osaka and first meal at Osaka

My article about trip to Italy has finished yesterday. And about Osaka eating tour has started right away.
We ate, ate and ate at this trip to Osaka, as last time 🙂

Saving money for foods, we took Jet star airline from Narita Airport to Kansai airport. And then we got to Namba station by strain.

Brand spanking new Terminal 3 for LCC !

Narita airport Terminal 3, Narita (Trip to Osaka 201504)


About 15 minutes walk from Airport Terminal 2 station to Terminal 3. We had to get out of terminal 2 and walked outside.

This terminal 3 open for 24 hours, so we can stay overnight for taking the earliest airplane ! That’s great !
I live in Chiba and I can go Narita airport from my home within one hour ! I think I’m so lucky ! I hadn’t thought such a convenient and inexpensive public transportation has come out !

But anyway, our Jet Star airplane’s departure time was around noon that time 🙂

Jetstar airline, Narita (Trip to Osaka 201504)


As soon as we got to Kansai Airport, we hurried to Nankai Kansai Airport station so that we could catch the earliest train.
Then we got off at Namba station and headed to our hotel that is named Namba plaza hotel to leave our baggage.

Appearance, Namba Plaza Hotel, Namba (Trip to Osaka 201504)


After that, we got train again and headed to Nakatsu.
I didn’t know about our plan. I left everything about foods to him 😛

I killed time at this kissaten before going to our target shop because he wanted to eat curry at another shop, too 🙁
I can’t believe !

Coffee-kan Printemps

Appearance, Coffee-kan printemps, Nakatsu (Trip to Osaka 201504)


This is not table. Old game machine !

Interior, Coffee-kan printemps, Nakatsu (Trip to Osaka 201504)


It got scratched. Do those still work ?

Hot coffee, Coffee-kan printemps, Nakatsu (Trip to Osaka 201504)


My Hot coffee was 360 yen. and it was served quickly. Maybe it was in a pot for a long time 🙁
After a while he telephoned me and joined at the target shop.

Takeuchi Udon Ten

Appearance, Takeuchi Udon shop, Nakatsu (Trip to Osaka 201504)


When we got to there around 14 p.m., and almost all seats were occupied.
But we could get two seats soon 🙂
We ordered Ki-jyoyu udon.

Ki-jyoyu udon with onsen tamago and wakame seaweed (温玉わかめ生醤油うどん, 750 yen)

Ki-jyoyu udon with onsen tamago and wakame seaweed, Takeuchi Udon shop, Nakatsu (Trip to Osaka 201504)


Ki-jyoyu udon (生醤油うどん, 600 yen)

Ki-jyoyu udon, Takeuchi Udon shop, Nakatsu (Trip to Osaka 201504)


Ki-jyoyu is soy sauce without any seasonings, and no heat-treat. Pure soy sauce.
Ki-jyoyu is put on the table in advance, so we added ki-jyoyu to our udon as we like. Ki-jyoyu is not salty as ordinary soy sauce 🙂

The udon was so tasty and chewy, but it was larger than I had expected and I couldn’t eat it up and he ate my leftover udon. I can believe that he ate curry and rice, and his udon !
(I can’t tell that I ate two strawberry daifuku while he was eating curry :P)

About Takeuchi Udon Ten (たけうちうどん店)

Address / 5-2-19 Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Station / Nakatsu station (Osaka subway)
Open / 11:30 – 14:30, 18:00 – 21:00
Close / Sundays and another national holidays


About Coffee-kan Printemps (珈琲館プランタン)

Address / 5-2-26 Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Station / Nakatsu station (Osaka subway)
Open / 6:00 – 23:00
Close / No scheduled


About Namba plaza hotel (なんばプラザホテル)

Address / Namba Sennichimae 1-20,Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Station / Namba?station (Nagano dentetsu)
Room/Single room from 6500 yen including breakfast
Reservation / HotelsCombined
Website / Japanese only)


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