I’m cleaning around kitchen to throw needless away

Coffee cup arabia, Keto orvokki UNCATEGORIZED
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I want to renew my tableware.

Tableware intensively.

There are many things that I don’t need.

I dumped a lot.

And, I’ll use a few glass as vase.
I found some dishes and glasses being back in a cupboard fell.
Probably these are by the big earthquake last year.
There is nothing matter with the front of glasses because of tension pole,stopper and without any gapsmade.
So, I thought there is nothing matter with the all dishes and glasses in a cupboard.
(I’m surprised with there is any gapsmade that glasses could fell.)

I got rubbish out, so there is much space in a cupboard.
The space is enough for me to display another dishes 😛

There is a cup that I have been wanting for a long time:).

Arabia Arabian ketolvocchi Keto orvokki Cup & Saucer

Coffee cup arabia, Keto orvokki



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