Chidorigafuchi : Cherry blossoms at night

Night cherry blossoms 4, Chidorigafuchi (Kudanshita) Tokyo
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 Beautiful cherry blossoms in the dark

I posted about my visiting Chidorigafuchi in the morning the other day. And more ! I visited Chidorigafuchi moat again after working late to see cherry blossoms at night.

Night cherry blossoms 5, Chidorigafuchi (Kudanshita)


There was throg !
So it was difficult to take a photo from the best place to take photos.

Night cherry blossoms 2, Chidorigafuchi (Kudanshita)


My camera can’t show cherry blossoms’ pale pink.

Night cherry blossoms 3, Chidorigafuchi (Kudanshita)


It was splendid.

Night cherry blossoms 4, Chidorigafuchi (Kudanshita)


Night cherry blossoms 1, Chidorigafuchi (Kudanshita)


But I like cherry blossoms under the blue sky at daytime better.

Cherry blossoms and moats, Chidorigafuchi (Kudanshita)


Chidorigafuchi : Best cherry blossoms spot in Japan
Great gift from the earth. Finally, I went to Chidorigafuchi moat to see cherry blossoms this morning. Though it wa...

About Chidorigafuchi moat (千鳥ヶ淵)

Address / 1-2 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Station / Hanzomon station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 24 hours



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