Kamihongo : Castella shop’s pancake (カフェドゥスヴェニール)

Souvenir pancake, Cafe de souvenir (Kamihongo) Chiba
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Sakaeya that is popular castella shop’s cafe.

After we got out of Seito Tantanmen, we went to cafe to have coffee.

I found a cute cafe in Matsudo.
Its name is “Cafe de souvenir”.

Signboard, Cafe de souvenir (Kamihongo)


A locally popular castella shop that is named “Sakaeya” is running this cafe.
Of course, they sell castella and cakes in the shop.
I bought honey-flavor castella there, and it was tasty.

Light streaming through large window.
There are some seats outside the cafe. But it was colder day, so no one was there.

We ordered our drinks and one pancake. We shared the pancake because we already ate lunch.

I felt the iced coffee was so tasty, though I don’t like iced coffee. This was the first time that I felt iced coffee is good.

Drinks, Cafe de souvenir (Kamihongo)


But my hot coffee was …Mmm. it’s ok.

This is the pancake that have the name of the shop.
Souvenir pancake (スヴェニールパンケーキ, 830 yen)

Souvenir pancake, Cafe de souvenir (Kamihongo)


Six small pancakes were stacked like tower. So cute !

Mine 😀

Mine, Cafe de souvenir (Kamihongo)


Very good 🙂 It was not too sweet and soft. It was something like castella. Well, that is the castella shop’s pancake !

By the way, I could take holidays for a week next month, but still I can’t decide where to go.

About Café de Souvenir (カフェドゥスヴェニール)

Address / 553-5 Matsudo-Nitta, Matsudo-shi, Chiba
Station / Kamihongo station (Shin-Keisei dentetsu)
Open / 10:00 – 18:00
Holiday / Tuesdays
Website / http://kasutera.net/souvenir/index.html (in Japanese only)



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