(Closed) Typhoon (豚つけそば&油そば たいふう) in Keisei-Okubo

Signboard, Buta-tukesoba&aburasoba typhoon 2nd branch (Keisei-Okubo) Chiba
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Notice : “Butatsuke soba & abura soba typhoon” already quit their business.
(Feb 23rd, 2015)

Little before, typhoon coming

Not, I jumped into the eye of a typhoon.

“Butatsuke soba & abura soba typhoon”

Signboard, Buta-tukesoba&aburasoba typhoon 2nd branch (Keisei-Okubo)


The ramen house situated amid Keisei Okubo shopping street.
This day, quintette of high school boys came after me and they were waiting outside the house.(But there were four free seat in the house 🙁 )
Then, several peoples came and also waiting after the boys 😛 (So, four persons could be in the house !)
I think the shop want to make line on purpose.

This day, they served tsukemen.
They serves alternately tsukemen and aburasoba every other day.

Soup.Very thick 🙁
They say whole pork bone is melted in the soup.
Judas’s ear in the soup. Judas’s ear was crisp and good.

Soup for tsukesoba, Buta-tukesoba&aburasoba typhoon 2nd branch (Keisei-Okubo)


Noodles. Pork meat on the noodles was containing in the price of tsukemen.I ordered a boiled egg with soy sauce.

Noodle for tsukesoba, Buta-tukesoba&aburasoba typhoon 2nd branch (Keisei-Okubo)


Egg was white looking, but actually, it tasted clearly soy sauce. It was a half boiled egg !
Noodles were rather thick, if anything, I don’t like thick noodles, but I like the noodles because of its chewy texture 😀

Well, at first I thought it is not thick taste and easy to eat, but around I
ate almost half of bowl,
Too heavy …I felt.

I became feel bad .(
I thought I can’t eat everything, but I managed to eat everything.

Very very thick.And there were minced pork that has settled at the bottom of a soup.
I don’t like the texture 🙁

The shop has many teenagers and twenties guests. (As far as I see the line)
…I think this tsukemen is for persons who have a good digestion.

Well, Shun Shioya is a very weak presence as actor.
But recently he appears on the mass media. Looks seriously 🙁
Speaking of him, when I saw him at first, I mistook for Mizuho Takasugi.
I thought Mizuho Takasugi became bad looking.
As I see well, Shun Shioya is far from Misuho Takasugi.Why did I mistake ?

I wonder if Tsukiji market will be crowded tomorrow.
I try to go there 😀

About Buta-Tsukesoba & Aburasoba Typhoon (豚つけそば&油そば たいふう)

Address / 1-18-5 Okubo, Narashino-shi, Chiba
Station / Keisei Okubo station (Keisei main line)
Open / 11:00 – 15:00, 17:30 – 23:00
Closed / No scheduled



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