[Osaka] Akashiyaki Bubutei (ぶぶ亭) in Umeda

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Speaking of local foods in Kansai region, Akashiyaki is very popular next to Okonomiyaki and takoyaki. But contrary to those foods, there’re few shop that serve akashiyaki in Kanto region like Tokyo. So, Akashiyaki is MUST when you visit to Osaka. One of the popular shop serving akashiyaki in Osaka is Bubutei. It is also under the ground of Umeda station building.

Where ?

They are located underground area of Umeda station. Umeda underground mall have so many kinds of shops, restaurants and another services, so we can get anything that we want and answer the purpose.


Bubutei have only three foods on the menu. Takoyaki, Akashiyaki, Takoyaki au gratin. Foods are that’s all. But another they have drinks. All foods are available for TO GO.

Yummy foods that I had


Because we wanted to share one portion of akashiyaki, we ordered drinks. Coke and oolong tea (コーラとウーロン茶) 300 yen each.

Why did I hold my straw is because the straw was so thin and light that it floated and got out of the glass unless I hold the straw.


That’s Akashiyaki (明石焼き, 520 yen). It is local food of Akashi in Hyogo prefecture, but our friend who was from Kobe recommended it. Its looking is similar to takoyaki, and actually, it have octopus in it, but dough is made of eggs and some people call it tamagoyaki. And, we put it into the clear soup and then eat.

The soup was really light, but it was well-seasoned by konbu and dried bonito. It have plenty of ‘Umami’. Ah, it reminds me of dashimaki tamago (tamagoyaki made with soup stock). I agree someone call it tamatoyaki. The flavor of mitsuba(Cryptotaenia canadensis) was excellent, too. I think we could eat up one portion each.

About the shop

Name in English / Bubutei
Name in Japanese / ぶぶ亭
Address / Hankyu Sanbangai building B2F, 1-1-3 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone / +81663733563

Open / 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Closed / No scheduled

Reservation / Unavailable
Credit card / Unavailable


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