Breakfast at GUSTO everywhere.

When I’m back to my hometown, I’m bored because there’s nothing.

Delicious restaurants ? fun spot ? Commercial complex ? No. Nothing. Really nothing … 🙁 But my friend said to me that “real nothing place” have no convenience store, supermarket and family restaurant. Certainly,,, we have GUSTO.

Whenever I’m back, my mother want to have breakfast at GUSTO with me.
There’re some branches of GUSTO and they are open in the morning.

They have breakfast menus. Simple breakfast is served. There’s no English on the breakfast menu. But you can find what you want because all foods have photo.

Free to take drinks and soup.

There’re so many species of drinks ! That’s one reason of GUSTO’s tremendous popularity. Coke, soda, tea, Chinese tea, coffee, vanilla latte and so on.

I like it best because I can’t eat too much in the morning. Scrambled egg set (399 yen). I always choose bread, but you can choose rice, too.

When I want to eat much, I add sausage and bacon (499 yen). With toast.

This branch (in my hometown) is very large and comfortable.

Branches of GUSTO is everywhere.
Of course, in Shinjuku, shibuya, and so on.

Every branches that are open in the morning serve breakfast.
Yoshinoya, Matsuya, Dotour … those are also good breakfast spots. But if you want to enjoy your long time slowly with many drinks, GUSTO is the best choice 🙂

The official website have branch map. (But Japanese language only)


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