Belated Happy New Year 2013 !

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I spend this New Year’s holiday at home with my mother like almost every year I did 🙂

This is the year of Serpent, one of the twelve signs of the Japanese zodiac.
So, I bought such a yokan. It have a white serpent in the middle 🙂

Yokan(Serpent), 干支羊羹巳年

2013’s  my osechi (traditional New Year foods)
Every year I want to make osechi by myself. But I couldn’t because I had no time to make. I couldn’t make osechi this year, too 🙁
So I bought it by mail order, like almost every year.
Osechi 2013 (Harumi Grand Hotel, 晴海グランドホテルのおせち)
I keep eating delicious foods during my New Year holiday.
I’m afraid of standing on a scale 😛


  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    Wow, so much food! It all looks amazing!

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