Beans Village (豆花荘) in Taipei


There’s a tofu pudding shop named “Beans Village” close to Ningxia night market (寧夏夜市).
I always eat at the shop when I visit the night market and go nearby.
Tofu pudding cost from 40 TWD, so I visit there as if I buy drinks at the drink vending machine 🙂

They have started their business in 1965, but they were renovated in March 2016, so it’s still new.

Where ?

It is located just close to Ningxia Night Market. It takes about 10 minutes walk from both Shuanglian station (雙連站) and Zhongshan station (中山站).

They are really crowded while the night market’s business hour. There’re tables and chairs on the 1F and 2F. There’re two lines for getting tofu pudding. Right line is for “to go” and left line (inside the shop) is for “for here”.


If you want to eat inside the shop, you order and pay at the cashier and get your sweets on the tray. And then you have a seat anywhere you like.

Not only their tofu pudding but also toppings are made by them inside the shop.

This is on 2F. There are more seats than 1F.


This is the menu. From right, shaved ice, tofu pudding, and warm soup (winter limited).
Tofu pudding can be chosen from warm (winter limited) and cold.
Extra topping is available with extra charge. Taro (芋頭), Black sesame pastes in rice-flour dumplings (黒心白玉) is 15 TWD, and another is 10 TWD each.

Tofu puddings and almond jelly

Tofu pudding with peanuts (cold)

This is the No.1 tofu pudding in this shop. Tofu pudding with peanuts (花生豆花, 40 TWD). It’s cold one.
Tofu pudding was covered with shaved ice like sorbet and peanuts syrup. By the way, the staff asked if I need this shaved ice. He just asked, “Ice ?” Price is not change.
This peanuts syrup was very sweet, and plenty of syrup was put on the tofu pudding, so I think I would feel sweeter about warm one.

Tofu pudding with taro ball (warm)

This is tofu pudding with taro ball (芋圓豆花, 40 TWD). Warm one. Taro balls had springy texture ! This amber colored syrup was warm and sweet. It had mild tastes. Warm tofu pudding was good, too.

Almond jelly shaved ice

Last, let me tell you about not tofu pudding 🙂
Almond jelly shaved ice (杏仁冰, 40 TWD). Because its name have “冰”, you might think it’s shaved ice, but its almond jelly. There’s much almond jelly and shaved ice cover on it.

The almond jelly wasn’t too sweet. It had refreshing tastes. Like jelly 🙂

English menu

They don’t speak English, but they have menus having photo, English and Japanese words.

They usually put it at the cashier, but sometimes they put it away. But if you say “English menus please”, they’ll hand it to you.
But this menu don’t have all foods. For example, almond jelly is not on this menu.

After eating,

After eating, you don’t have to return dishware. You need just you leave the shop with your all belongings 🙂

About Beans Village (豆花荘)

They are open until 1 a.m.
But If you want to enjoy their sweets slowly, you’d better visit there in the daytime because they are crowded at the night hour.

Warm tofu pudding and soup is winter-limited. But they don’t show the exact term of “Winter”. Many shops in Taiwan serve “winter-limited” from October. I ate warm tofu pudding at this shop at the end of October.

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