What I bought for this Autumn

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I found a nice bag after a long long absense !

Recently, it has gotten cool suddenly here. So, I bought something to wear in this Autumn in hurry.
At first, I bought some accessories and bag.

Anyway, I had wanted to get a smaller bag for weekends for more one and half of a year.
I got it at SHOO LA RUE for about 4000 yen 🙂

Small navy bag for this autumn


I bought a new bag after a long long interval ! It’s hard for me to choose one.
I hate heavy and large bag. But I want to my bag with large capacity …..
Mostly when I go shopping, I go home nothing in my hands.

But this bag attracted me when I walked around Tsudanuma.
I had searched for a cute fringe bag for this Autumn 🙂
Fringe items are the vogue !

It is small bag, but the bottom is wide. So it can hold many items 😉

Bottom of Small navy bag for this autumn (grove bought at SHOO LA RUE)


And I got a new necklace, too. The stones are cubic zirconia. Those are pink. But it is cheap. So…it got fade soon… Now, it is gold color…

With the new necklace


New Necklace bought at Tsudanuma


And bracelet. Also cubic zirconia. From this photo, you can’t understand, but those stones and chain is pink.
Yes, I want to wear it with the necklace !

New bracelet bought at Tsudanuma


I usually wear bracelet and necklace having more bigger stones and beads. Those are cute, needless to say. But now I feel like wearing more elegant accessories that matches my age. Especially, in the office.

To tell the truth, I didn’t recognize how to connect this bracelet at first.
I searched for the answer on the internet and finally, I questioned on the internet and get the answer. It took about one week to solve the problem 😛

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  1. renxkyoko says:

    How much is Y4000 in US dollars ? is it 100 or 1000Y ? Cheers !

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