(Closed) Nihonbashi : French dinner with friends at Merveille

mangalica pig, Au gout du jour merveille (Nihonbashi) Tokyo
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Notice : This restaurant has already quit their busines (12nd, October, 2015)

Wonderful French cuisine party only for ladies 🙂

A friend of mine invited me to the party that was her private celebration of her job. So I went to the restaurant one month ago.

I’m writting this article about the dinner.

The restaurant is near Nihonbashi Takashimaya.

We promised to meet in the restaurant 9:00 p.m.
But I arrived at there earlier.Because my mobile phone fast 10 minutes or more.Somehow its function of auto regulation was stopped.

Well, this is the entrance. Since there were curtains hanging over the door, so I was not sure whether I could enter from here or not. So, I tried to mail to my friend. Just then, a man came and he entered the restaurant from here.
So, I entered from here at ease.

Au gout du jour Merveille

Appearance, Au gout du jour merveille (Nihonbashi)


This is french cuisine restaurant. It is small restaurant and it had a good atmosphere.
I don’t eat out for french cuisine frequently.I feel awkward a bit 🙂
This day, we ordered 8500 yen course. This was the course that we could select three dishes from several dishes on menus.

At first, we drunk a toast with smart glass of grape liqueur (ぶどうリキュール). 😀

Grape liqueur, Au gout du jour merveille (Nihonbashi)


Black olive tuile (ブラックオリーブのチュイール).It had cheese taste and crunchy.
Black sesami was not for eating, only for holding these tuile.

Black olive tuile, Au gout du jour merveille (Nihonbashi)


mutsutake mushrooms franc (松茸のフラン) came. Its looking and taste was like chawanmushi.French chawanmushi  ?

Matsutake mushrooms, Au gout du jour merveille (Nihonbashi)


breads (パン).It was springy.

Bread, Au gout du jour merveille (Nihonbashi)


Broiled saury pike and potato galette with powder sour cream (秋刀魚のあぶりとジャガイモのガレット 粉末サワークリーム)
Saury pike! Saury pike! Maybe this was the first saury pike in this season for me.
Only its skins were broiled, these fish meats were rare.
I ate saury pike only、with truffle, with plenty of sour cream,,,,

Broiled saury pike and potato galette with powder sour cream, Au gout du jour merveille (Nihonbashi)


Fried today’s fish wrapped with Kadaif and ume and perilla sauce (その日の魚のカダイフ巻きフリット 梅と紫蘇ソース). (This day’s fish was fat greenling)
I heard Kadaif is look like noodle. Its birthplace is Turkey.

The green sauce was sour. Though the fried fat greenling was good without sauce, with sauce, it changed quite another dish.

Fat greenling wrapped with Kadaif and ume and perilla sauce, Au gout du jour merveille (Nihonbashi)


Roast of smoked Hungarian eatable national treasure “Mangalica Pig” (ハンガリー国宝マンガリッツァ豚のロースト 藁の瞬間燻製)
Everyone with me ordered it 😀
I love smoked foods.
It was chewy and tasty.

I had known about Mangalica Pig on TV only. I had been wanting to eat the meat just for once. I’m glad to the wish came true. I appreciate my friend who invited me to the restaurant 🙂

mangalica pig, Au gout du jour merveille (Nihonbashi)


Merveille’s specialty swiss roll with sorbet (メルヴェイユ定番のロールケーキ シャーベット添え)
It was heavy for me. I liked it. But I wanted only half the size of it.

Swiss roll with sorbet, Au gout du jour merveille (Nihonbashi)


Salty ice cream on Fagopyrum tataricum blancmange with olive oil (塩アイスのブランマンジェ オリーブオイルがけ).
The dish is a quiet color, but I like it. The blancmange was so smooth and it went with saltiness of the ice cream and olive oil.

Salty ice cream on Fagopyrum tataricum blancmange with olive oil, Au gout du jour merveille


Can you see the yellow powder on the spoon ?
It was like pop rocks. Popping candy.
Mixing the citrus gelee with the spoon, and eating.It’s fun!
Citrus jelly (シトラスゼリー)

Jelly, Au gout du jour merveille (Nihonbashi)


Herbal tea (ハーブティー)

Herbal tea, Au gout du jour merveille (Nihonbashi)


Tomorrow, I’m going to have a medical checkup. So, I can’t have breakfast tomorrow morning. I want to eat something good after the medical checkup 🙂

About Au gout du jour Merveille (オーグードゥジュール メルヴェイユ)

Address / Karen Nihonbashi Bldg 1F, 3-8-13 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tokyo station (JR), Nihonbashi station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:00 – 13:30, 18:00 – 21:30
Closed / Wednesdays



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