Funabashi : Shirunashi goma ramen at Asyura (阿修羅)

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Shirunashi ramen – Limited specialty

Hey, everyone. You know I have weakness for limited specialty ?

So, I went to a ramen shop to eat limited ramen that I had wanted to eat yesterday.
I knew about the limited ramen by Twitter 🙂

It is the ramen shop.
Ramen Asyura

Appearance, Asyura (Funabashi)


Asyura – Yes, it is the shop that I had eaten terrible Funabashi sauce ramen before !

What is Funabashi sauce ramen ?
I had known only its name. The name is "Funabashi sauce ramen". Worcester sauce flavored ramen. Some ramen shops serve their original worcester sauce flavored ramen for a limited time regularly. Eac...

Oh,,, Just one year have passed since I had written about it !

But Asyura is popular with sesami ramen !
They served Funabashi sauce ramen just to be sociable 😛

Well, let me go back on track.

Shirunashi goma ramen (汁なし胡麻らーめん) 880 yen

Limited Shirunashi ramen, Asyura (Funabashi)


Shirunashi means “no soup”, and goma means “sesami”.
It is similar to dandan noodles. But this ramen have tooooo much grated sesami as you see 🙂
Mitsuba(Japanese honeywort) and onsen-tamago was on it. Much chili oils were floating.

Of course, I mixed everything together before eating it.

Mixed Limited Shirunashi ramen, Asyura (Funabashi)


So, it is spicy, but very creamy by sesami.
At first, I enjoyed eating it, but I got fed up with eating it on the way because it was so thick by sesami.
But no problem.
There is vinegar on the table.
Adding vinegar made the taste more refreshing 🙂
And I could eat it up with joy.

About Ramen Asyura (拉麺 阿修羅)

Address / 2-7-3-101 Minatocho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Station / Funabashi station (JR), Keisei Funabashi station (Keisei main line)
Open / from 11:30 to 15:00, 18:00 to 22:00
Closed / no scheduled
Twitter / @ramen_ashura
Website /


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