Kinshicho : Bangladeshi foods restaurant is open (アジアカレーハウス)

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My first Bangladeshi curry.

A new Bangladeshi curry shop has been open.

Asia Curry House

Appearance, Asia curry house (Kinshicho)


It’s in an old building, but this is new curry shop.
There are only five seats along the long table. So small shop.

I find Pakistani, Indian and Nepalese curry so often, but “Bangladeshi curry” ? I heard it for the first time.
I was so excited by the sounds “Bangladeshi curry” 🙂

There is no menu at the shop. “Today’s curry set” only.
After you enter the shop, only you have to do is to wait your curry coming 🙂
It cost you 1000 yen. (I don’t remember whether consumption tax is included or not…)

They can’t speak Japanese well. But when we went to there, there was Bangladeshi men who can speak Japanese well and explain about the shop 🙂

Fish curry was put on the rice. Sweet fish. It seemed a dried fish.
This fish is not in the market in Japan. I think this fish is imported from Bangladesh.
Though the fish was sweet, this curry was very spicy.

Fish curry, Asia curry house (Kinshicho)


Lots of bones….

That’s chicken curry. Also it had lots of bones.

Chicken curry, Asia curry house (Kinshicho)


There are many guests who are Bangladeshi people and they eat those curry with their fingers.
They used lots of tissue papers !
I didn’t intend to eat those curry and rice with my fingers, but my fingers were entirely smeared with those curries and I also needed lots of tissue papers. 😛

Though I forgot to take photo, the set had dal curry, too.

Eating those curries separately is good, but also eating altogether was good, too.

About Asia curry house (アジアカレーハウス)

Address / 3-9-24 Koto-bashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Station / Gotanda sation (JR, Toei subway)
Open / 20:00 – 28:00
Closed / No scheduled

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