Fast coffee : Kona coffee

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 Variety of flavored coffee in a pack.

Aroma rich selection including Kona coffee

Hawaii Kona blended coffee attract me.

I have canned liquid coffee in the office too much recently.
So, I try to have less than I usually does.

There are six kinds of coffee.
Mocha Blended, Blue Mountain,Kilimanjaro,Original Blended, Ccharcoal-roasted, Hawaii Kona Blended

It’s filter different each other in shape and speed of extract coffee.

Because I dealed with them all the same I use portable mug that can be as much as three teacup

“Aroma Rich” is imagined to the TV commercial of Fabric softener that Hasekyo is featured in.

By the way, I wonder if London in February is cold very much.

It will be rain tomorrow.
I intended to go to Tsukiji if it’ll not rain…

Rakuten global market :

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