Bibin naengmyeon ? (Funabashi)

There is a good Korean food restaurant in Funabashi that I mostly go when I feel like eating Korean foods.
That name is “Apgujeong dong” .
It is in a building that connect JR Funabashi station and Keisei Funabashi station.

I usually eat kimchi jigae at the restaurant at lunchtime, but it was hot day, so I ordered a naengmyeon.
I rarely eat cold noodles. Much less the noodles that have no soup !
Well, I visited at weekday lunchtime, I ordered it as lunch set.
So, the set had a side dish.
side dish, Apgujeong-dong (Funabashi)

*Bibin naengmyeon(ビビン麺) 997 yen
The gray colored noodles textured like konjac.
Bibimguksu, Apgujeong-dong (Funabashi)
The beefmeat was tasteless and firm 🙁

Noodles. When the waitress served the dish to me, she cut the noodles crosswisely. Otherwise it is hard to eat because the noodles are too long, she said.
Noodles of bibimguksu Apgujeong-dong (Funabashi)

A slice of apple was bottom of the bowl !
Sliced apple in bibimguksu, Apgujeong-dong (Funabashi)

Its’ taste is good. Just a bit sweet, but spicy.
But too much noodles for me !

And, wakame seaweed soup.
wakame seaweed soup,Apgujeong-dong (Funabashi)

The waitress serve corn tea after finished eating. I like it ! 😀
Corn tea, Apgujeong-dong (Funabashi)

Apgujeong-dong (狎鴎亭洞)
Funabashi FACE Building. Underground, 1-3-1 Honcho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Open – from 11:00 to 15:30 and from 17:00 to 23:00
Holiday – No holidays


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