Amami 2015 (9/9) : Link Collection (奄美大島)

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 Mangrove, sea,,, Amami is great tropical island.

My last trip 2015 was to Amami Oshima.
This was my first visit to remote island. I haven’t been to Okinawa yet.

Though I had no plan to do in Amami, I could enjoy a lot.
It was December and my town was very cold, but when I got to Amami around 5 p.m., it was warm and comfortable.

As I said now, I had no plan and I didn’t examine about Amami at all.

Amami is remote island belonging to Kagoshima prefecture and it takes three hours or so directly from Narita airport.
Its position, climate, culture and nature is quitely similar to Okinawa. But they have different history in that Okinawa was independent country, not included in Japan.

Speaking of Amami, I just remember blue sea, mangrove, brown sugar, mozuku seaweed. That’s all.
But I learned that they have Oshima Tsumugi (大島紬, popular and high-quality materials of kimono).

At first, I went to Yakitori Tecchan for dinner to have keihan.
But truthfully speaking, I wanted to go to another restaurant that serve local dinner course, but it was full with reservation. I should have reserved several days ago 🙁
But Tecchan’s keihan was good, too.

Amami 2015 (1/9) : Local food and brown sugar shochu at Tecchan (焼鳥てっちゃん)
First visit to remote island :) I'll post about my trip to Amami at the end of last year. I didn't have nothing to do at Amami and thought nothing. I went to Amami just because I got flight ticket b...

Local supermarket was very fun because there are many foods that I hadn’t seen.

Amami 2015 (2/9) : Supermarket "Green store"
Lots of local foods of Amami island ! I went to the supermarket near my hotel after having dinner. Green store Irifune branch is located close to my hotel and it is open for 24 hours. I lik...

My hotel for first night was Hotel West Court Amami that is the leading hotel of Amami.
It’s newcomer-friendly hotel and they serve good breakfast 🙂

Amami 2015 (3/9) : 1st night at West Court Amami (ウエストコート奄美)
Newcomer-friendly hotel at the center of the city. My hotel was West Court Amami. It is not large hotel, but it is located at the center of the city in Amami. Final stop of bus from the airport is ...

On second day, I joined some activities.

Kinsakubaru Primeval Forest
Lots of local and wild trees and animals remain there.

Amami 2015 (4/9) : Kinsakubaru Primeval Forest (金作原原生林)
Lots of endemic species remain in the forest. On second day morning, I got up early and checked out for paticipating the tour of Kinsakubaru primeval forest. The car of the tour picked me up in front...

Mangrove Park

Amami 2015 (5/9) : Mangrove park (マングローブパーク)
Canoeing in the park. After I was back from Kinsakubaru primeval forest, I got my baggage at the hotel and got on the bus to Mangrove park. Though Amami is surrounded by splended sea, I did nothin...

My hotel for second night was Hotel Caretta. Hotel Caretta is far from the center of the island and rather close to the airport. It takes much time to go to another place by public transportation. But it’s good hotel to have your time slowly.
It was really cute hotel and they also serve delicious breakfast 🙂

Amami 2015 (6/9) : Hotel Caretta (ホテルカレッタ)
Sea view hotel. By the way, Amami Oshima is island. So... bus is only public transportation there and its closing time is too early :( So, I had to hurry in time for last bus to Akaogi post office ...

On third day (last day of my trip), after I got out of the hotel, I went to La Fonte that is the popular gelato shop in Amami. They serve delicious gelato made from local ingredients grown without chemical materials.

Amami 2015 (7/9) : Gelato shop "La Fonte"
Taste of Tropical island. After I got to the closest bus stop by hotel's car, I walked to gelato shop. It takes 10 minutes walk from the bus stop to the shop. La Fonte La Fonte is managed ...

Before going to the airport, I dropped in at Cape Ayamaru that is one of the 10 beautiful view in Amami.
though I didn’t see sea well in Amami until that time, it was beautiful and I thought I should come to Amami again soon.

Amami 2015 (8/9) : Cape Ayamaru (あやまる岬)
One of 10 beautiful view of Amami. After I got out of the gelato shop, I got on the bus and went to Cape Ayamaru near the airport. Cape Ayamaru is about a 15-minutes drive from the airport. The drive...

If you visit to Amami, I recommend you buy mozuku seaweed !


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