Adlai skin lotion

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Inexpensive skin lotion similar to Sekkisei and Albion

I like Sekkisei from Kose and Essential skin conditioner from Albion very much. But it is rather expensive. I really wanted more inexpensive one with as same as its quality and ingredients.

I found there is a good reputation about this skin lotion on the internet.

Adlai skin lotion from Imu


Noteworthy KeyWord 1 : Skin Conditioner
Noteworthy KeyWord 2 : Adlai
Noteworthy KeyWord 3 : Cloudy color

Yes, yes, yes !
It looks like Sekkisui itself !
And as same as its texture and smell, too !

This sales agency is Imu.

I can’t afford to use Albion and Sekkisei for body, but it is only 500 yen, so I can use it much for body 🙂

Rakuten global market : Imulsion ナチュリエ skin conditioner ( adlay lotion ) imyu naturie

Rakuten global market : Imulsion nature Conditioner (adlay lotion) 500 ml x 18 piece set together buy a bargain colour flavorings

Rakuten global market : I grind an entry with a smartphone! 500 ml of all articles point 10 times (until 3/21 10:00 – 3/28 9:59) Sekkisei

Rakuten global market : Albion medicated conditioner essential 330 ml

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