I need new Gosyuincho

Gosyuincho, Kanda Myojin shrine (Kanda) UNCATEGORIZED
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There are few blank pages left in my gosyuincho (Notebook for getting goshuin).
Now I have two gosyuincho.

Gosyuincho that I got at Hie Jinja shrine (I use it for 東京十社)
Pale green cover have solemn atmosphere.

Gosyuincho, Hie Jinja shrine (Akasaka)


Back of Gosyuincho, Hie Jinja shrine (Akasaka)


Gosyuincho that I got at Kanda Myojin shrine (Kanda Jinja shrine)

Gosyuincho, Kanda Myojin shrine (Kanda)


Back of Gosyuincho, Kanda Myojin shrine (Kanda)


Hie Jinja’s goshuincho is for Round in Tokyo 10 shrine, so there are much pages left. So I want to use it for Round in Tokyo 5 shrine and Shichifukujin-meguri.

Contrary to that, Kanda Myojin’s have no blank pages.
left. So I need next one.
Many shrines sell goshuincho that have original cover.

Now, Kameido Tenjin shrine’s violet cool goshuincho, Takaosan Yakuoin’s attract me. But goshuincho that most attract me is Tanjyoji temple !
I want their red sea bream’s goshuincho . But it’s so far from my home…

About Tanjyoji temple

Address / 183 Kominato, Kamogawa-shi, Chiba


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