Hongo-sanchome : Splendid grilled pork at Abats

Roasted pig's shoulder meat from top, Abats (Hongo Sanchome) Tokyo
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Great chunk of pork for lunch at French restaurant at lower price

I had wanted to go popular bistro as tasty and large meat at lunch time close to Hongo Sanchome metro station.
But lunch menu is week days only. So it is hard for me to go there.

But finally, I could be there !


Apperance, Abats (Hongo Sanchome)


When we got to the restaurant, there was little vacant seats.
And lamb and duck meat that was our target was already sold out !

Lunch Menus, Abats (Hongo Sanchome)


That day’s lunch menu had…
* Sauted chicken’s leg with burdock cream 950 yen
* White liver putty 950 yen
* Ezo deer sausage 1100 yen
* Roasted pig’s shoulder 1150 yen
* Roasted duck’s leg 1150 yen
* Pleuronectidae poele with petasites japonicus stuffing 1400 yen
* Herb-crusted grilled lamb meat 1500 yen

Oh my…..

One staff led guest to seats, serve water, cook, check and setting table again. He seemed too busy. We were seated and waited patiently until he took our order 🙂

Kitchen, Abats (Hongo Sanchome)


Just after I took this picture, guest was seated. White-based restaurant was simple and the restaurant was occupied by counter table mainly.

Table, Abats (Hongo Sanchome)


I pulled myself and ordered roasted pig’s shoulder (豚肩のロースト,1150 yen) that is ordered by my acquaintance before.
But I was disappointed while waiting ….

Anyway, our breads were served.

Breads, Abats (Hongo Sanchome)


So soft.

After ten minutes or so, our dishes were served.

Roasted pig's shoulder meat from top, Abats (Hongo Sanchome)


Unbelievable juicy pork ! Though it was thick, I could easily cut with my knife !
Mushed potato and steamed cabbage under the meat. Those were good too. It went with tomato-based sauce very well.

Wooow ! Large chunk of meat !

Roasted pig's shoulder meat, Abats (Hongo Sanchome)

す、すごい。なんだこの肉のかたまり・・・Σ(´Д` )

Somehow my friend ordered pleuronectidae poele with petasites japonicus stuffing (ナメタガレイのポワレ ふきのとうのファルシ, 1400 yen)

Pleuronectidae poele with Petasites japonicus stuffing, Abats (Hongo Sanchome)


Its name contained “farce” in Japanese words, so I use the word “stuffing”. But actually it wasn’t stuffed and the petasites  japonicus  (called “fuki-no-tou” in Japanese)  was under the fish. Maybe he couldn’t stuff it into sliced fish 😛
The petasites japonicus was bitter and I didn’t like it. But the fish was good. Its outside was crisp but inside was soft and juicy.
Indeed it was good, but he should have ordered meats there all the same 😛

Meats were splendid !

About Abats (アバ)

Address / Niki Bldg 1F, 2-31-3 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Hongo-Sanchome station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:30 – 14:00, 17:30 – 23:00
Saturdays / 11:30 – 14:00
Closed / Sundays and another national holidays
Website / http://www.abats.jp/(in Japanese only)



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