Akihabara : Sweet naan and salted curry at Aarti (アールティ)

Tomato and raison naan, Aarti (Akihabara) Tokyo
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Special dinner with whole chicken and anko.

My friend asked me to join their dinner at Aarti. Of course, I joined them 🙂

Appearance, Aarti (Akihabara)


We reserved special course that day. But our dinner started from basic food all the same.
Papad. I love its burnt smell 🙂

Papad, Aarti (Akihabara)



Salad, Aarti (Akihabara)


Tomato soup
we ate this last time, too. Creamy tomato soup had smooth texture and was tasty. I want to have large bowl of this !

Tomato soup, Aarti (Akihabara)


While chatting, one of the staff said to us that our special Tandoori chicken is being cooled and we could see the view. So, we went to the kitchen.
This was one of the special food of that day included our course. My friend bought whole chickens and brought them to Aarti. And the chef cooked it.

Meat prepared !, Aarti (Akihabara)


And then, the chickens were served like this.
Not just this. about six dishes of it were served !

Special tandoori chicken, Aarti (Akihabara)


And something Deep fried foods were served. I didn’t know what is this. Maybe potato. It was really spicy and I couldn’t find the ingredients :p
Two sauces at the center is sweet chili sauce and mint sauce.

Spicy deep fried foods, Aarti (Akihabara)


And then curries were served one after another.

Spinach curry
There were two types of spinach curry. Extremely spicy one and normal one.

Spinach curry, Aarti (Akihabara)


Lamb meat curry

Lamb meat curry, Aarti (Akihabara)


Chicken curry

chicken curry, Aarti (Akihabara)


Another special food of that day was it.
Anko naan

Anko naan, Aarti (Akihabara)


Kabuli naan

Kabuli naan, Aarti (Akihabara)


Tomato and raison naan

Tomato and raison naan, Aarti (Akihabara)


To my surprised, all naan was sweet that day. But everything was great. Eating sweet naan and salted curries were dangerous because I couldn’t stop eating. Some people took leftover naan to home, but I ate them up :p

Eh ? What do we eat with curries ? Of course, with rice 🙂

Rice, Aarti (Akihabara)


After finished eating meals, dessert and chai was served 🙂

Ice cream

Ice cream, Aarti (Akihabara)



chai, Aarti (Akihabara)


I want to visit there at lunchtime next time.

About Indian restaurant Aarti (インディアンレストラン アールティ)

Address / Oiwa Bldg 2F, 50 Sakumagashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Station / Akihabara station (JR, Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:30 – 15:30, 17:00 – 23:00
Closed / No scheduled
Twitter / @aarti_akiba



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