Italy 2015 (9/14) : Plato – Art Hotel Museo

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My room and night meal at Plato.

I never forget posting about my trip to Italy…!
From Venice, we got to the hotel.

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Our hotel at Plato close to Florence.

Art Hotel Museo

My room,Art Hotel Museo, Plato (Trip to italy 2015)


Well, as its name, it is stylish and cool.

But that day’s meal was…

Meal,Conad, Plato (Trip to italy 2015)


I got them at supermarket named  CONAD nearby.

Appearance,Conad, Plato (Trip to italy 2015)


I wanted to eat uncurd ham and cheese as night meal in my room at least once
during my staying in Italy

I recognize what you think with this photo.

“You got too much salt !”

When I go to another countries, I always feel foods contain few salt !
I see. Japanese take much salt.
Miso soup, pickled vegetables (Tsukemono), sashimi (with much soy sauce)…..
And more, I love salty foods !

Terrible. I have to take care of my health and refrain from taking too much salt.
So, today I bought miso with a reduced salt content at supermarket. 😛

And next day’s breakfast. Buffet.

My Breakfast,Art Hotel Museo, Plato (Trip to italy 2015)


I was really surprised that Italian people don’t eat much at morning and eat much at late dinner time. I heard that this buffet is rather gorgeous as their breakfast. I’m quite opposite 😛

About Art Hotel Museo

Address / Viale della Repubblica 289, Prato, Italy
Double room / 60 euro or so
Reservation /, Expedia,
Website /, English, French, German, Russian and Chinese)

Viale della Repubblica 289, Prato, Italy

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