Italy 2015 (6/14) : To Venice by ship !

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Finally, we landed on Venice !

The third days of the morning, we went to Venice from Malcontenta by bus.

Italy 2015 (5/14) : Hotel and dinner in Malcontenta
We got to our hotel in small village named Malcontenta close to Venice around 8 p.m. It already got dark. This is the photo taken next morning, too :P Hotel Palladio I forgot to take pictu...
Venice is called city on the water because it is situated on Adriatic Sea.
Vehicles are unable to enter the main island. So, we went to there by ship. You can go there by foot, too.

Our boat, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


Because our group had 40 people. So, we could hire boat at inexpensive cost.


Go!, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


Move to main island 2, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


Move to main island 1, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)

Move to main island 2, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


After 10 minutes or so,
We arrived at the main island.

Beautiful city with water

townscape, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


First, we went to Piazza San Marco.As its reputation, it was so beautiful ground.

Bell tower on Piazza San Marco

Bell tower 1, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)


There is elevator for 60 meter. It commands commands a panoramic view of Venice. But I didn’t enter it.

I just saw it from bottom this time because I didn’t have much time. We had only three hours there. 🙂

Bell tower from bottom, Venice (Trip to italy 2015)



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