Italy 2015 (14/14) : Last time at Rome

Steps, Spanish Steps (Trip to Italy 2015) ITALY
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My frist Italy time past quickly …

This is the last post about my trip to Italy.
Last post is here

I seeked Spanish steps again and I managed to find !

Steps, Spanish Steps (Trip to Italy 2015)


So much people gathering!
I heard now eating jelato at the steps is forbidden 🙂

By the way, I had wanted to go Foro Romano and Colosseo next to St. Peter’s Square. But I had no time to go.
If I went to there, I had to give up going to buy my mother’s bag and my leather jacket.

But I already decided to go Italy again in the near future, so I thought I can go Folo Romano and Colosseo next time.

Instead of that, I wanted to eat jelato at popular jelato shop that is named Giolitti

I think this is the most famous jelato shop in Italy.

Appearance, Giolitti, Rome (Trip to Italy 2015)


Wow ! It was hard to decide only two flavors from these flavors quickly !

Jelato, Giolitti, Rome (Trip to Italy 2015)


I ordered my jelato pistachio and tiramisu 🙂

pistachio and tiramisu, Giolitti, Rome (Trip to Italy 2015)


Umm. Brown and brown. It’s not good looking … but those were tasty 🙂

I was so happy that the weather was comfortably warm during my trip nevertheless it was still winter, so I could enjoy jelato !

After that I headed to KIKO and bought some.

Shopping, Kiko,  Rome (Trip to Italy 2015)


I didn’t know KIKO, but my friend recommended KIKO’s cosmetics 🙂

Before I headed to Piazza della Repubblica that was our appointed place, I went to Termini station to buy my night meal at supermarket.
Termini station was packed. I was so anxious about pickpockets. But basically, Italian people who I met during this trip was all kind.

For buying at supermarket, Termini station, Rome (Trip to Italy 2015)


At supermarket, I met almost all people in my tourist group 😛
We gathered at appointed place 9 p.m sharp and went back to our hotel by bus.

Last day’s morning, I ate breakfast and then went to Fiumicino airport around 11 a.m.
A funny time goes by so fast…

In-Flight meals. I forgot to take photo of another in-flight meals.

In-flight meals, To Tokyo, Rome (Trip to Italy 2015)


Umm. I should have bought more… But I had no idea what to buy because I didn’t think about my souvenir.

Goods, Souvenir (Trip to Italy 2015)


Ciobar is my friend’s recommendation !

Foods, Souvenir (Trip to Italy 2015)


Why one of batti was open is because I had to check the amount of chocolate. This is for my colleagues 😛

And jacket 🙂

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