Italy 2015 (1/14) : From Narita to Milano

Milano (Trip to italy 2015) ITALY
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Nice to meet you, Italy 🙂

As I told before, I had a trip to Italy last month.
Sorry for delay responses and updates during that time.

I was a member of tour group to Italy. This was the first time to visit Italy and I heard there are so many pickpockets there. I felt so anxious.

But I wanted to eat something tasty Italian foods, not set meal that are prepared by the tourist company.

My airplane was Alitalia and it was direct flight to Milan.
About 13 hours from Narita to Milan. Long trip. My knee hurt.

To my disappointment, in-flight meals that I was looking forward to eating were not good 🙁
I took Japanese meal because I wanted to eat lightly seasoned foods. But those were heavy…

In-fright meals as dinner to Italy (Trip to italy 2015)


The cheese was tasty.

In-fright meals as breakfast to Italy (Trip to italy 2015)


Our hotel at Milano was here.
We arrived at there late at night. I took this picture next morning.

Appearance, GRAND HOTEL DUCA MANTOVA (Trip to italy 2015)


This was large hotel. But there are nothing around the hotel 😛

My room. My room was large, too. The TV didn’t work X(

Room, GRAND HOTEL DUCA MANTOVA (Trip to italy 2015)


When we got to Milan, it rained. And it kept raining until next morning.

The breakfast was buffet style.

Breakfast, GRAND HOTEL DUCA MANTOVA (Trip to italy 2015)


Look at this high-quality arrangement of food ! X(
So I hate buffet style !

It took about 30 minutes from our hotel to the center of Milan by bus.

Milano (Trip to italy 2015)


Our sightseeing starts !

About Grand Hotel Duca di Mantova

Address / Centro Commerciale Vulcano, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni, Italy
Single room / 120 euro or so
Reservation /,,, Expedia
Website /, English)


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